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About Us

Urology Unbound works to increase the recruitment, retention and promotion of underrepresented minorities in urology.

For the urology workforce to mirror the diversity of the communities we serve and that this increased diversity will lead to less urologic health disparities.

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Urology Pipeline Program

Urology Unbound's pipeline program offers underrepresented minority medical students access to valuable resources and support, including educational webinars, residency application review, mock interviews, and mentorship from experienced academic and community urologists. 

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Urology Unbound Resident Mentorship

Urology Unbound's mentorship program is specifically designed to support underrepresented minority urology residents. We offer guidance on soliciting early feedback, addressing academic disciplinary issues, and dealing with biased treatment. Plus, our quarterly virtual Town Hall meetings provide a safe space for residents to connect with and learn from minority urologists, building community and supporting success. Let us help you thrive and achieve your goals.

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